James Arthur_title

Here we go, another great evening at this years Live at Sunset 🙂

Today’s act is James Arthur and I couldn’t be more happy to see him live again. At the beginning of this year I was already lucky enough to see the X-Factor winner at Kaufleuten in Zurich. So once again I knew what to expect – and I wasn’t disappointed. My personal highlight was that I could finally (officially!) get out my SLR cam and take pictures with the pro’s up front, for 3 songs that is. The post about my backstage experience will follow a bit later 😉

But back to the show now…

Jeans, black hoodie and a cap, that’s how James Arthur got up on stage. It seems like the success hasn’t changed anything. No over the top styling or other changes. Nice, that makes him even more likable (let’s forget about all the negative press he had a few months ago ;)). Even us photographers were welcomed by a short glimpse at all our lenses…

The audience was a bit reserved at first. But you could very easily spot the fans in the crowd. They sang along, danced, clapped and just really enjoyed themselves. James also mentioned that this is a bit weird for him playing infront of a seated audience, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t awesome! Every now and then he asked the audience to get up on their feet and they sure did.

If you compare this show with the one at Kaufleuten, you can definitely see the difference. The setlist was a bit different, a little calmer you can almost say, or maybe relaxter. I loved the slower songs though, especially the A Great Big World Cover „Say Something“ – beautiful! But have a look for yourself:


James kept interacting with the audience, told stories about the songs and his life. He entertained us and we all listened. I thought it was a bit funny that he dedicated Marvin Gaye’s „Let’s Get It On“ to all the moms…Not sure if I misunderstood something, there was a lot of talking going on around me, but I always thought „Let’s Get It On“ was about something else 😉

Unfortunately most oft he people were still a bit quiet, maybe because it wasn’t sold out, I don’t know… But it did seem like James still enjoyed the show. He thanked the audience for coming and kept saying how great the venue is. And I have to agree, I always like going back there. Then of course the big bang was saved for last. „Impossible“ – James’ first big hit was quite the encore! At least now EVERYONE was on their feet and celebrated!

I personally really enjoyed the show. It was yet another great evening at a great location. The weather was awesome, I had great company and for my taste a really nice mixture of up-tempo songs and ballads. All in all, I really had a good time and I hope others did too!