It’s been way too long! But finally the New Kids on the Block are back in Switzerland! Even though they were in Switzy a few years ago (with the NKOTBSB tour with the Backstreet Boys), a lot of fans weren’t able to go see them since they were playing down in Geneva. But this year’s show was planned to take place at the Hallenstadion in beautiful Zurich. A few weeks prior to the gig the organizer had to move it to Volkshaus – looks like ticket sales weren’t really going how they planned for. Oh well, that’s alright, I mean, this tour’s name is “An Intimate Evening with NKOTB” – and it sure was!

More great news for fans – there was NO support act. Even though I’ve discovered some really great artists this way, I was happy that we wouldn’t have to wait another hour or so for the main act to get on stage. Aaaaaand shortly after 8.30 there they were! The audience that was obviously mainly women in their mid-thirties was covered in confetti after only 3 songs. The fist couple songs like  “Summertime” and „You Got It (The Right Stuff)” were perfectly sang along by the fans already. Great light show (especially great to take pictures). The atmosphere was good too, especially considering the venue was half empty (or half full?). Also, some things apparently never change. The screaming and squealing has never been louder. Needless to say, once shirts were pulled up and 6-packs were shown the volume pretty much went through the roof. Considering their ages, they still look pretty well 😉


This time Moni and I gave up front row and went for a space further back, which turned out to be the best place in the house. We made ourselves comfortable right at the back of the b-stage. The little stage they put up in the middle of the fans was right at the FOH which gave us the possibility to lean back and enjoy! Back to the b-stage… We’re ready for the boys and there they were, one after the other got up on stage. To give you an idea how that looked, our friend Vanessa  took a great video:

Handshakes, high fives, selfies… A lot was happening while they guys were back here. Some girls went mad and barely let go of the guys‘ hands. I’m sure a few really fun pictures must have came out of that part of the show. After they guys went back to the mainstage the party kept going (fun little fact, once everything cooled down around the b-stage, we realized someone had actually thrown a little stuffed animal up there. A little tiger was lying on stage in between a bunch of confetti). A little medley of great cover songs was one of my highlights. Jackson 5, Take That and Backstreet Boys were some of the bands they covered and I must say, they did quite a good job. At one point the guys started looking around the crowd and asking us where we’re from. Many many international fans were here. There were actually a couple of girls there from Korea! But also lots of Italians, Greeks and Germans.

One of the songs that brings back many nice memories for me, was the beginning of the last part of the show. “Step By Step” was probably one of their biggest hits back in the days. Even though I must have been only 6 or 7 when the song was released, it definitely is one of my favorite songs ever! Obviously it was a no-brainer to record that song:

As usual, the big hits are saved for last… “Step By Step” was the beginning of the finale. A couple (3 or 4 – not sure anymore) more songs and it the whole thing was over. Way too fast of course! It was great to see all the happy faces though. We’ve talked to a couple fans after the show who were at other gigs on this tour. They confirmed that the atmosphere was way better in Zurich than in other locations, even though we had way less people there. Now which Swiss-Concert-Lover doesn’t like to hear that? 🙂

To sum it up, it was a very entertaining evening. Musically probably not on the highest level (we gotta be realistic there, right?) but still really good. It was nice to have all the nice memories of your youth come up again. In the end, the half full (or half empty – can’t decide) venue was a plus – after all it should have been an “intimate” night – oh and it sure was. A night to remember for sure.

Did any of our readers go to the show, or to any other show on the tour? We’d love to hear how you liked it…