JabbaWockeeZ, New Kids on the Block 5

Back in the 90’s they were THE band and were more successful than ever. NKOTB were the reason for many happy, crazy and definitely screaming teenagers. The 5 piece is back together and are starting their European tour tomorrow. Next Tuesday they will also stop by in Zurich. Lucky us! In a rather intimate atmosphere the band will hopefully be playing all their big hits such as „Step by Step“. The best thing about this: there are still tickets available. So for those of you who want to relive their youth again, go get yourself a ticket!

Date: May 13th 2014
Venue: Volkshaus*
Doors: 19:00
Curfew: approx.. 22:30

*Important: The concert has been moved to another venue! It is now at Volkshaus (NOT at Hallenstadion)

Image source: Flickr / Penn State (Image is linked accordingly)