Yep, we did it again. We were yet at another concert. Those of you who know us are aware that we are a bit critical with Swiss bands/musicians. But we are open to new stuff and are willing to “learn”. Looking forward to a night out in Zurich we made our way to Härterei downtown.
Surprisingly no support act this time – I’m ok with that.. So a bit after 8pm the lights went out and suddenly the 4 or actually tonight it was 5 guys stood on stage.

The band seemed to be in a great mood and energetically delivered a great show! Noah Veraguth, the guy with the BIG hair kept dancing around on stage, with or without his guitar. They played many new songs, but also kept the audience entertained with the songs of their older albums. Some of them were played in quite different versions. “Skyline” one of their biggest hits was one of those. But have a listen yourself; I think it sounds pretty good!

(more videos can be found on Shirley’s YouTube channel)

In the beginning the audience was a bit quiet, but towards the end of the evening they were going mad. Jumping and singing as if there was no tomorrow. With a nice journey through the 4 albums the band really showed their live performing skills. The audience was enthusiastic and obviously really enjoying themselves. Singer Noah took over the fans in a heartbeat. Kept interacting with them, he even got a couple of presents during the gig and immediately showed them to everyone. He also shortly mentioned that he’s seeing some familiar faces in the audience, like producer Roman Camenzind or Manu – one half of the Cabaret Divertimento 🙂

I’ll probably not turn into the super-Pegasus fan. But in my opinion this is definitely one of those exceptions in the Swiss music-scene. I was surprised in a very positive way. It was a really good concert-evening with many “wow-moments” and nice fans!

Did you miss the show in Zurich? No need to be sad, they will be performing a few more times at different festivals this year. Go check out the dates on their website.