Martin & James

Do you already know what you’ll be doing on Feb 5th? If not, I’ve got something for ya! Martin & James  will finally be back in Switzerland! I’ve known these 2 Scotts for quite a while. Seen them at the Blue Balls Festival back in 2010. They’ve been touring for a while, mostly as support acts for Musicians like Milow. Honestly, last time I saw them was there, only bought tickets for M&J – Milow wasn’t really important 😉 Have you ever done that before, buy tickets to a show you only want to see the support act? 🙂

M&J’s music is more on the soft side, lots of ballads. This doesn’t mean you could get bored, definitely not! But you’ll have to see for yourself! To steer you in the *right direction*, here’s one of my favorite songs “Wrong Directions”

BTW, the venue (Eldorado) has become one of my favorites in the city. It’s super small, which makes it very intimate (but also a bit hot at times) and great for concerts. Also, there’s a huge selection of beers (this would be of interest for the beer-lovers ;)). Plus, the tickets are not even CHF 30.-

Convinced? Here are all the infos you’ll need:

Date:                     05. Februar 2014
Venue:                 Eldorado, Zürich 
Doors:                  19:30
Start:                    20:15
Tickets:               Starticket


Image source: Flickr / Roswitha Siedelberg