Stage24… What was that again? Oh right, something really cool Radio24 came up with – it’s kind of a mini-showcase in their studios, most of the time during lunch – aaaand lunch is included, cute little sandwiches and drinks, awesome! Tickets cannot be bought, it’s one of these events you can only win tickets. And yes, we were lucky once more and won tickets to go see Kodaline!

Moni and I left work around 11.30am and raced into Zurich. Once doors opened, names were checked of the list and little bracelets were handed out. So, the showcase is free – but you really do need to earn your spot there. The studio is up on the 3rd floor, only one tiny elevator – so needless to say, some of us got quite the workout (yes, I mean myself with this comment.. 😀 ). Once we arrived up on the 3rd floor, we were pretty much in front of the stage already. Just a couple mins later Jontsch explains what will be happening and that the guys will be on stage around 12:17 – yep, us Swiss are very exact when it comes to time J). Keyboard, mandolin, guitar, the shaker thingie and the cajon were ready and so was the crowd! We started out with 2 (or maybe even three?) songs. Then a short break after which the next song was played live on air. Then another 2-3 songs – you can see, I don’t even remember how many songs, it was that cool! Of course the big hits like “High Hopes” or “Perfect World” were the crowds’ favorites.

Like I mentioned, it’s a mini-showcase, so unfortunately after what felt like 5 minutes it was over… One more surprise was waiting for us though. After they went into the studio for a quick interview, the guys came back out to sign stuff and take pictures with the fans! We were able to have a quick chat with them and had them sign their latest album – for you guys to win! Have a look at their nice message to you and find out below how to win a signed CD!


How to win?

1. A “like” on our Facebook-Page would be great, Radio24 would probably appreciate it too 😉
2. Answer the following question in the comments section:

       Why did Kodaline have to cancel their show in December?

Closing date for entries: Sunday, 09 February 2014 at 18:00.