As mentioned previously (and I’m sure many were shocked ;)) I am not the biggest fan of the Swiss music-scene. But I am open to anyone who wants to prove me wrong. And I do like to share my new discoveries once I find them. Today I’ll therefore introduce you to one of my favorite Swiss singers: Caroline Chevin

Her voice is great, a lot of soul in it! The Swiss accent (that many swiss artists unfortunately have) is barely noticeable. That alone deserves a big fat: 2 thumbs up!

The first time I heard of Caroline Chevin was a couple years ago. Back when the beautiful duet with the dutch singer Alain Clark came out. It was played quite a lot on Swiss radio stations. Have a listen: „What you see is what you get

I have to admit, after a while I had already forgotten about this talented artist… A little over a year ago I was in London. The Pigott Brothers were performing at a little pub/bar so I headed out there. When I got there, this singer was setting up her keyboard on stage, the face looked familiar, but I had no clue what name to put with it. Oh well, let’s listen to the music. Hmm alrighty “not bad” I said to myself. She plays a couple songs, then introduces herself as Caroline and apologizes for her weird accent (what? Where? Accent?) – it’s because she’s from Switzerland. *kaaaaching* and that’s where I finally realized who she was!

In February this year “Hey World”, Caroline’s 3rd studio album was released. Compared to her earlier works this is a rather “serious” (if you can say so) and slower record. On the previous album I personally think you can hear that the way the songs were written and produced the focus was more on the mainstream market. The new album therefore shows a more personal side and pretty much leads you through every emotional phase there is. Just a very nice mix. Despite the very large Swiss Tour this year, I unfortunately never made it to one of your shows – but this will hopefully be changed soon. Did any of you guys go to a show? And, who would agree with me when I say: Hey world, watch out, Caroline is ready to take over!

Have a look at a beautiful version of the first single off the latest album:


Image source: Flickr (image is linked accordingly)