One Direction

Dear One Direction fans, today is good day! We are actually posting something about this years most successful Boy-Band. They sell out huge arenas within minutes, they have their own fan-stores in many cities and they are nominated for dozens of awards.

I know ask myself, why did their new videoclip to “Story of My Life” not break any records (yet)? Many fans have probably expected the view stats to go through the roof. The video did get over 22mio views, Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” video however is still way ahead with over 200mio views.

I really like the new video. I can imagine that most fans probably watch it over and over again. The boys are in a studio, developing photographs from their childhood. The video clip let’s you have a look in their past, their private life. Fans love to be able to see these kind of things. The boys “retake” old pictures. You can for example see Zayn Malik with his sister, in the same room, same position. Just in the present… Perfect for cold winter days this new song is a ballad, a passionate song. The video shows 1D very personal and private.

Have a look

The british Teen idols “One Direction” will be releasing their 3rd album “Midnight Memories” on November 25th. The boys‘ schedule is accordingly packed. Nevertheless they of course will be going back on tour next year and will be stopping in Bern for a gig at the Stade de Suisse. There are still some tickets left for this concert! Sounds like a great Christmas present for a 1D fan, right? Or are you maybe one of those that have bought their tickets the first day they went on sale? Let us know if you’re going!

Image source: Flickr / Eva Rinaldi (Image is linked accordingly)