13During the summer of 2008 the song „Reina de los angelotes“ was played over and over again on Spanish radio stations.
I remember that around that time, I didn’t know the Spanish singer Huecco very well yet, but I do recall that song playing almost every morning when I was driving to work.

Huecco whose real name is Ivan Sevillano Perez mixes Samba, Hip Hop and Reggae with the traditional Spanish Flamenco – and with great success and brilliant songs! But have a look and hear for yourself:

This is his single off oft his second album „Assalto“. This album has also helped him create a buzz outside of the spanish speaking market.
He’s been to Siwtzerland often… I was able to be at two of his shows! In late 2008 at the Energy Stars for Free event, I even had the opportunity to meet him personally. Later on he was rocking the stage at Hallenstadion in front of 13’000 people! Then in the summer of 2010 he was performing at the prestigious Gurten Festival in Berne. The atmosphere was incredible and the crowd was bouncing off the (non-existing) walls. That was the summer Spain won the soccer world cup. So that must be one of the reasons for a great show. Being Spanish myself, I had to be there and celebrate with Huecco and Shirley, who accompanied me.

In 2011 his single „Dame Vida“ hit the radio stations and spread cheerful vibes all over. This song is a nice example on how to combine modern rock music with a hint of latino-vibes.
With the proceeds of this song and his foundation also called Dame Vida, he supported the charity project “sOccket ball” in Africa. By moving the “sOccket” it creates energy to light up an LED lamp inside it.
Have a look at the music video to this song. You might be recognizing a few people. Huecco had many famous soccer players help him out in this video.

I’m very excited to be seeing the temperamental Huecco again. Hopefully he’ll be coming to Switzerland again soon. To get you all excited by then, listen to my personal favorite song „Se acabaron las lágrimas“ which you can also find on his second album. This song has a strong message which shows his views on violence against women. Hanna, a famous flamenco singer, accompanies him on this song which climbed up to number 2 in the spanish charts.

Image source: Flickr / Marietta Perez   (Image is linked accordingly)