Today I’d like to introduce you to a young talent, a singer, songwriter and producer: Tyler Ward

A few weeks ago Shirley had told me about him and sent me a couple of videos on YouTube. I was fascinated immediately. I love the mixture of rock and pop in his songs. Tyler was “discovered” through YouTube, like many other artists he uploaded cover versions of well-known songs. He sings, plays instruments and produces these covers by himself. The video that helped him set foot in the music business was a cover of Michael Jackson’s “We Are The World”.

Tyler looks up to Boyce Avenue. A great band that started out the exact same way – by posting covers on YouTube. I personally totally understand this, Boyce Avenue is a great band! Back in 2011, Tyler was able to play with Boyce Avenue..

I’ve listend to many of his songs and it’s hard to pick a favorite one. But let me show you these two that stood out to me:
First one is a cover of Macklemore’s hit „Can’t Hold Us“ that’s being played on the radio nonstop. Tyler got Alex G. on board to give us a female touch which works out really well and makes the song even more special

The second song is another cover, Passender’s „Let Her Go“. Accompanied by the piano and a beautiful melody.
Go have a look: LINK

Has this made you curious? Do you want more Tyler Ward in your life? Mark your calendars, he will be coming to Switzerland on November 2nd. He’ll be playing a show at Kaufleuten in Zürich that will definitely rock!

Image source: Flickr (image is linked accordingly)