Sunrise Avenue

Today, charts breaker band Sunrise Avenue are releasing their brand new album “Unholy Ground”.
As other previously released albums, this one comes also with 11 tracks. Many of you may need to get used to the heavy tunes, but the front man’s Samu Haber voice will persuade all fans, one more time!

It was quite exciting, listening to the Album, because parts some of it were very Sunrise Avenue-ish, and other parts of it were completely new. Fans will get inspired by the heavy rock songs, as well as by the tender rock ballads.

No album sounds like any previous album.. It is always something new, but somehow, you can find Sunrise Avenue in all of it!

The actual single “Lifesaver” is a tribute song to true love, and also a song about sincere, eternal friendship.
We got lucky, and we had the opportunity to assist to the exclusiv “Private Session” at Radio Argovia, where Samu and Riku did an acoustic performance of this song,
and other hits from former albums. We were totally thrilled and amazed by Samu’s clear voice, and the soft sounds of the guitar.

Are you curious now? So, listen to it for yourself:

If you want to enjoy Sunrise Avenue performing live, you can get to see them on their next Tour. They are going to rock the Maag Event Halle in Zürich next February 28.
We cant wait to see them!

Image Source: Flickr (Image is linked accordingly)