Shane Filan who was once part of the boy-group Westlife is now working on his solo career. He has just recently released his first single “Everything To Me”. The talented musician also enjoys writing his own lyrics and is now trying to build on from earlier success.

When I first listened to the new Song I must admit the chorus instantly reminded me of The Script’s “This Is Love”. The melody sounds very similar… But let’s not comment on that any more

Shane is now working with producers and co-writers he has already worked with during his time at Westlife. Of course you can definitely hear the resemblance in his new songs, melodies will sound very familiar, especially to people who know his older work. Like in many songs, the main topic in “Everything to Me” is love and heartbreak. The beat however is very fresh and up-tempo which leads to head-nodding and foot-tapping 🙂 Have a listen, what do you think?

In order to become as successful as with his previous band he will be releasing not only another single but also his brand new album on November 3rd (single) and 4th (album). I already had the chance to listen to “About You” and have to say, there is a lot of Westlife in that song. But hey, I guess the 100’000+ Westlife fans will like it and will hopefully be supporting Shane on his new career path.

Here it is for you guys as well – very Westlife-ish, right?

Image Source: Flickr (Image is linked accordingly)