Take That

Many fans were determined that back in 1990 their true love was up there stading on stage… In the meantime the cute Mark Owen has grown up to be an adult. At the age of 41 he now owns his own record label „Sedna Records“.

For quite a while he had to prove to everyone that he’s not just the adorable little dude from that boy-band back in the 90’s. But his talent as a songwriter is clearly showing on his 4 solo-albums, one of which has just been released in June this year.

The second official single from his album „The Art Of Doing Nothing“ is called „Carnival“. I personally think he kept the video very simple. Which is rather brave in today’s video business. No extras, no special effects or half naked women dancing around him. Nevertheless, the video clip captures Mark’s love for music. With his unique dance moves this video will probably not be forgotten too fast.

Are you curious now? Do you want to see it? Have a look…

What I have to say, Mark Owen is a „special“ kind of artist. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea and even I had to listen to his songs a couple of times. However, you need to hand it to him, he always stays true to his own and unique stlye.


Image source: Flickr (image is linked accordingly)