Spin Doctors Escherwyss

Do you remember that dude with the beard, longer hair and a wool cap on? That one song that was played over and over on all radio stations back in the 90’s? Yes Two Princess, and yes, that band does still (or maybe again) exist. They’re on a big European tour at the moment. The Spin Doctors

This Saturday evening a bit after 8pm the band slowly walked up on stage, one by one. The first thing you notice is frontman Chris Barron’s different appearance. The cap is missing, no scruffy beard, nice haircut a tie and his shirt tucked in.  The „new“ look doesn’t change anything about the performance though. Cheerful tunes throughout the night. Many of the older songs were on the set list, including „Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong“ and „Forty or Fifty“ one of my favorite songs off the album „Pocket Full of Kryptonite“ . About mid-show the first couple of new songs were played. A bit different from the older songs, a lot on the bluesy side.  Chris Barron’s voice and his special dance moves make the show very entertaining. Like a little puppy full of energy he jumps up and down, from left to right and shows us some kicks usually only 16 yr old cheerleaders could do 😀

The song choices for this night are pretty obvious all in the up-tempo region which the crowd (that was unfortunately not that big) highly appreciated by happily dancing away. Whoever remembers the Spin Doctors from back in the days must have been sent back in time. As the bands sound has not changed a bit and made us all feel young again. Especially when the big hit „Two Princes“ was announced. Have a look at cool live version from a show in Manchester from 2 yrs ago:

I have to say, even though i didn’t know all of the songs I had a great evening. A very entertaining and fun night! The atmosphere was very relaxed (maybe because the place wasn’t totally packed) and I think the band had a good time as well. Yep, the Spin Doctors are back!

Oh yeah, before i forget. I think I „found“ my new favorite bass player. I’ll just say: Spongebob FTW! (Check out the pictures)!