Ryan Sheridan @ Benicàssim

Today it’s all about the Irish singer Ryan Sheridan. I have only discovered this talented musician a few weeks ago. Like so many other musicians he had started out playing on the streets of Dublin. One day he seemed to be at the right place and right time! While he was playing a cover of Mumford & Sons “Little Lion Man” his future Manager walked by. After this everything happened pretty fast and in the shortest time the ex-street busker was rising up to be the next big thing in Ireland. After several appearances on TV-Shows the first single “Jigsaw” was released. The song was extremely successful and became THE radio hit. Have a listen, do you like the song as much as I do? 

His distinctive guitar style accompanied him through many of his songs. I would say he’s a bit like a “rougher” version of Mumford & Sons. In some songs, I would almost be tempted to say that there is a bit of a Country groove. The raspy voice sometimes even reminds me a little of Rob Thomas.

Ryans Album “The Day You Live Forever” is available on Bandcamp. You can go and purchase it HERE

Oh, and check out my personal fave. This song has even been used in a Heineken commercial 🙂

Image source: Flickr (Picture is linked to source accordingly)