So, this post will be a bit different from the usual ones. Since summer has finally decided to also show up in Switzerland, I now have the urge to let you know what song I consider to be worthy to be on a Summer-Playlist. As you can see from my usual music suggestions, I normally don’t go crazy about those mainstream-radio-hit-songs. Nevertheless, most of the songs on my personal Summer-Playlist are exactly such songs. But hey, I’m flexible, I like many different styles of music 😉
Ok, so here are the songs that are currently played A LOT on my iPod:


Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell – Blurred Lines
Quite the dance song – i guess the ladies in the audience think so too (check out the video hehehe)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton – Can’t Hold Us
Totally love to listen to this (or any Macklemore song for that matter) in the car…
Phillip Phillips – Gone Gone Gone
The guy with the almost same first and last name would fit perfectly to a nice warm summer evening spent with your loved one
Chris Ayer – This Is A Test
I think I need a break – we all do don’t we? A catch tune definitely makes a coffee break even more interesting
Daft Punk feat. Pharrell – Get Lucky
We rub a Mexican monkey!
Capital Cities – Safe and Sound
7am, it’s still nice and cool outside. Jump in your car, roll down your window and listen to “Safe and Sound” – yep, good choice!

Last but definitely not least, my absolute favorite. Don’t think i need to say a lot about this gem. Here we go, drum roll please tarararatatatararaaaaaa


Gavin DeGraw – The Best I Ever Had

What are your summer-hits? Comment on this post and share your favorite hits of the summer 2013!