Marc Broussard @ Georgia Theatre

I’ve known this artist for almost 2 years now. Marc Broussard sounds a little French but the the 31-year-old singer, has his roots in the southern United States. Having grown up in Louisiana, you can definitely hear out the “southern roots” in his music. It was more of a coincidence when I discovered Marc. On of my dutch friends had posted a link to a livestream on Twitter. I was curious and logged in, had a look and listen and was immediately convinced! I’ve found the old livestream, you need to go have a look, he’s great: 

With his soulful voice Marc successfully unites the classic R&B tunes with some pop and acoustic guitar. So even if you don’t fance the old school R&B tunes, I would say that Marc Broussard’s music is still very enjoyable for all ears. He really can’t hide his talents, it clearly comes out in all his works, be it the older albums or the newer ones. Profound lyrics, catchy melodies, up-tempo songs but also beautiful ballads. On his last album “Marc Broussard” you still hear the soul-y background, however I personally think that album has been trimmed to bring out the typical “chart hit” … and yet, I still love that album, just like all the others!

Some of my friends in the US have already had the chance to go to one of his shows. They assured me that he does not just sit on a chair and play the guitar. I really hope I get to experience that myself. Until that happens, here’s one of my favorite songs, “Gibby’s Song”  

Photo: Mark Runyon |