Yep, I went to yet another concert. This one will for sure be remembered for a while. On Saturday June 15th I was able to see Alicia Keys live, together with approx. 13’000 other people. I have to admit though, I didn’t really know many of her songs, except for the ones being played on the radio of course. It turned out to not be a problem at all, since most songs she performed that night were her big radio hits. I could therefore happily sing a long and not make a fool of myself.

New York? New York!
Shortly after the clock hit 9pm that night, the big event started. There was a big curtain that screened off the stage. It looked like wer were taken on a helicopter tour over Manhattan. Aaaawww I love New York! And there she is, Alicia Keys standing there in a gorgeous sequin suit kind of outfit, a black floppy hat and belting out the first lines of “Empire State of Mind”. Wow… really? One of her biggest hits right at the beginning? But no… it was just part of the intro:

Girl on Fire
Yes, she definitely is on fire. No matter if she’s performing at the piano, playing slow songs, or whirling around on stage with the yummi dancers (the women in the audience get some eyecandy too – yaaay!) – the show was brilliant! Oh yeah, she even played the drums. Apart from holding the drum sticks the wrong way around, she really did well and it looked pretty cool. My favorite songs of course weren’t played until very late in the evening. Makes sense though. Waiting that long made me and the rest of the audience even more excited. After the first encore being “New Day” and “Girl on Fire” we were all ready for the big finale! Jay-Z appeared on the big curtain/screen – by then I’m sure everyone knew what song would be played. The pretty dancers found their way back on stage and Alicia stepped out in a breathtaking Red dress that was endlessly sparkling. Here’s a partial video of this great song:

After the obligatory Thank You’s this great evening has come to an end. Of course I’ve got a couple of pictures for you guys.