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After a couple of concert-reviews, I want to go ahead with another music-tip from my side. Today it’ll be all about Chris Ayer. A musician I have only discovered a couple of days ago through my good friend Nina Longordo from New York. From the very first guitar chord I liked Chris Ayer’s music, I liked it that much I just had to sit down and start prepare this new blog post for you guys. The New York based Singer reminds me of Jason Mraz… I’m sure he probably is sick of hearing that all the time. But with a voice like that Mraz is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind (my mind at least).

Brilliant originals and wonderful covers
Even though he does get compared to Jason Mraz a lot, I think it’s more of an alternative/rock version. The guitar tunes fit perfectly with his beautiful voice.

If I had to push him into a certain genre, I guess I would put him into the folk-rock/singer-songwriter corner. On his YouTube Channel you’ll find a bunch of originals but also brilliant cover songs. My fave is The Boxer a beautiful cover of the Simon & Garfunkel song. Like many other musicians now a days, Chris also had to work hard for his success. Booking his own shows and releasing his music independently as record companies rarely want to take a risk and support un-known artists. Chris’ album “This Is The Place” was recorded in Nashville and together with Producer Jason Gantt (The Chieftains, Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill) a wonderful record had been created! On this said album, the song “Evaporate” was released. With this song Chris was able to win the 2006 John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the “Folk” category.

Lot’s of Noise – great noise!
His newest album “The Noise” was released in March of this year and made it to number six on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts… not bad! This album, and all of the others he has released really need to be in your music-library. Beautiful Songs, catchy tunes and creative lyrics. My personal favorite off this album is “The Infinite Abyss of Space”, check it out:

In April this year, Chris together with his good friend and fellow-musician Matt Simons were touring Europe and the UK. A bit disappointed I had to find out they also stopped by Switzerland for a couple gigs. I totally missed out on that. Has any of our readers maybe been there? Let’s keep our fingers crossed for another EU tour in the near future. I would love to be able to see another talented musician do his thing!

Closing this post with a nice part of the song “Awake” – I like!

“I haven’t lost, I just haven’t won quite yet”

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