Allen Stone  @ Roseland Theater 12.16.12

Seattle really seems to put something in their water. Today I get to introduce you to one of the many talented musicians from Seattle. Allen Stone is no longer a blank slate. He isn’t a “superstar” yet, but still very well know beyond the borders of Washington. His gigs are usually sold out within a very short time. Many of his fans have discovered him through his appearances in major US talk shows. Be it on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live or Ellen, he was able to inspire many people. At the age of only  25 years and with no major record label to fall back on this is, that is a remarkable achievement. One of his career highlights will certainly have been this April. He was booked for the famous Coachella festival.

With his soft and soulful voice he is able to enchant everyone. If you close your eyes and only listen to the music and the voice, some people will claim that he definitely has the talent to compete with the big guys in this industry. A “softer” version of James Morrison, a groovy Jamie Lidell or even a lighter version of Stevie Wonder. He has been compared with these gentlemen but his music still remains unique. I personally do not know a song that I do not like, that’s what makes it difficult to show you my favorites. But I think I found it:

Figure it out

His songs are very diverse… Songs about sleeping issues, relationship crisis or peaceful happy-dappy party songs. But to be able to say you had the full Allen Stone experience, you must have been at a live show. The mixture of funny dances, over-dramatized movements and his somewhat comical appearance makes it unforgettable. Looking at his pictures, you would never think that such a brilliant voice could come out of this person. Last year in December, I was able to see and experience this for myself. He played a show in a tiny venue called El Dorado. Only a few people fit in there, but I’m sure every single person went home with a big smile on their faces. It was a great concert! Everyone who appreciates an entertaining live show (and I’m not talking about fireworks and huge stages) should put Allen Stone on their To-See List. While waiting for his next tour, you should go check out his music. You can find his music on iTunes.  

Also, go have a look at this gem. A cover Allen had sung at a show he was able to perform with the Seattle Rock Orchestra. You And I

Image source: Flickr (Picture is linked to source accordingly)