Shirley’s Random Facts


My obsession for great music has lasted almost 30 years so far. Almost as long as I’ve been walking (or crawling) the face of this earth. But what is great music? I guess everyone has their own opinion on that… I grew up in the city of Zurich and lived in the US for about a year. As soon as I was old enough to go explore the world around me on my own I decided to go check out the concert venues in Zurich. At first mostly alone, but soon I found another partner in crime in Moni! The only time I do NOT listen to music is when I sit on a horse or in a boring phone conference. Yep, music is my addiction!

A – After Eight, I love chocolate and mint!
B – I had my first Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Ibiza
C – I am chaotic, no one except me will ever find stuff in my appartment
D – First music cassette: (oh my… hate to admit it) David Hasselhoff
E – Did you know it’s not possible to lick your own elbow?
F – If you want to chase me away, offer me fish – I don’t eat fish or seafood.
G – My favorite artist: Gavin DeGraw
H – I have absolutely no problem with staying at a hostel (I do like fancy hotels too)
I – A wonderful song by John Lennon: Imagine
J – Another one of my favorite artists: Joshua Radin
K – I used to put ketchup on my spaghetti – yuck!
L – I became lactose intolerant with age… NOT COOL
M – Milford, Utah… This was my home for a year… the people I met there will stay in my heart not only for a year, but for the rest of my life!
N – Never say Never (and this is NOT a Justin Bieber Quote)
O – I say OMG a lot… OMG – I really do!
P – I like almost all dogs, but Poodles are just weird (sorry all you Poodle lovers out there)
Q – I’m a sucker for quotes, my pinterest boards are packed with them
R – Even though I love music, it seems like I have no feel for rhythm, at all
S – S first letter of my name and anyways, it is the cooles letter of the alphabet
T – My first obsession ever: Take That
U – First CD & first concert: UB40
V – Gotta admit, prominent veins on guys’ arms or neck turn me on
W – I absolutely hate winter (at least here in Switzerland). It could just stay summer all year round for all I care!
X – These xenon lights on new cars are annoying!
Y – if I don’t pluck my eye-brows I look like a Yeti (at least that’s what I think)
Z – The city I will always call my home: Zurich