ADC Creative Week 2019 – Musik Panel & Lyrics-Workshop

The popular Swiss musicians Steff la Cheffe, Stereo Luchs and Phenomden will be participating in this years ADC Creative Week during the open music-panel and the also as part of the lyrics-workshop at Toni-Areal in Zurich.

During the music panel they will be talking about the risks they took during their careers, how they dealt with them and why it can be worth to take risks instead of being reasonable.

The Musicians

Steffe la Cheffe is a Swiss rapper and beatboxer from Berne. She just made her stage comeback after taking a 5 year break. Phenomden is known for his swiss reggae music – hard to believe, but Switzerland does have great reggae artists! As 3rdact, the Zurich based combo Stereo Luchs will be participating in the panel.

The panel will last about 60 minutes and will be hosted by Swiss journalist and TV host Gülsha – so we can definitely expect to have some fun during the panel. The best part about this event: it’s open to anyone that wants to come and it’s free. So if you want to know more about these 3 Swiss artists, make sure to stop by

Details about the music panel

Date: 20. March 2019
Location: Toni Areal, Zurich
Time: 12 to 1pm

Right after the music panel, there will be a lyrics workshop from 2pm – 4pm. Steffe la Cheffe, Phenomden and Stereo Luchs will also be present for the workshop! If you want to participate in this workshop, make sure to register on time: ADC Creative Week Lyrics-Workshop

ADC Award-Night & Gala

The Creative Week is going on until Saturday March 23rd, where it will end with a bang: The ADC Award-Night & Gala! The winners of the ADC Cubes will be awarded that night at the Halle 622. Right after the awards ceremony, the ADC Gala will take place. While the Awards night is an open event, you’ll need a ticket for the Gala.
We’re very happy to be able to attend the Gala this year! Of course we’ll be sharing our experience with you on our Insta-Stories. If you’re at the Gala yourself, let us know so we can go have a drink together! 😉