Ms. Lauryn Hill @ Baloise Session 05.11.2018 


Thanks to the „Iconic Night“ at this years Baloise Session I was finally able to see Ms. Lauryn Hill live! She certainly is an icon. The success of her solo album „The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“ and the hits she had with the Fugees definitely secured her that spot on stage. The almost 1hr delay did bring down the mood a bit (at least for me), but the grumpy phase didn’t last long…

Yep, it’s not the first time that Ms. Hill kept her audience waiting… Apparently, she’s been up to 2 hrs late at some shows a while back – so I guess we were almost lucky 😉 Oh well, this just gave me more time to get excited. A little after 10 pm she finally started her set!

Delayed or not – Ms Lauryn Hill still got it!

It didn’t take long, a few beats maybe, and it was crystal clear that tonight we will be dancing! But yeah, dancing and taking pictures don’t go well together, so I really had to pull myself together for the first 3 songs. I seemed like the people in the front rows felt the same way, they looked as if they wanted to get up and dance, but somehow didn’t dare get up. Ok, so let’s just dance while still sitting on the chairs 🙂 After the 3rd song, the area in front of the stage filled up immediately. While I was trying not to get run over, people up front already started dancing.

Wrapped up in a thick animal-print coat and a felt hat Lauryn Hill stood up there on stage and sang beautifully as always and rapped like there was no tomorrow. But something seemed to not be quite right. Throughout the entire show, she kept waving and making signs at the sound-guy. I guess the sound on stage or in her In-Ears didn’t seem to satisfy her. The audience might not hear a difference, but I know for the artists it can be really annoying if those monitors don’t work properly. At some point the sound-guy even had to come up on stage, twice, to get this fixed.

Great Covers and even better originals!

While the bigger part of the setlist was originals, a couple covers found their way onto the list. We heard a great rendition of „Can’t Take My Eyes Off You“! Right after that, she sang one of her originals “To Zion” that was recognized immediately by the fans thanks to the iconic guitar intro. I guess it’s time for the big hits to come out! When the band started playing „Doo Wop (That Thing)“ the entire audience was standing and dancing. But whoever thought this was the highlight, was wrong. A bit later we got to enjoy “Killing Me Softly”, another cover and one of the biggest hits from back in the Fugees times. After receiving flowers from Baloise Session, Ms. Hill and the band left the stage. Many people thought that was it (me included) and left the venue, just to come running back inside when we heard that they started playing again. And that’s when the rest of the Fugees classics came out: “Fu-Gee-La “ and as a closer “Ready or Not”. What a great ending to an amazing concert! Everyone was up on their feet, some even standing on the chairs, while other just took it all in while dancing. Alright Ms. Hill, I guess I forgive you for making me stand around for almost an hour 🙂

At this point, a big THANK YOU to Baloise Session that I was able to be part of this beautiful festival again! It was great and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

Concert Pictures: Ms. Lauryn Hill at Baloise Session