Drew Cole @ Bistrot Chez Marion, Zurich

Have you heard of Drew Cole? He’s an extremely talented singer, originally from Seattle (that explains everything!) and now calling LA his home. He made it onto my radar through The Voice USA. I will, however, remember him by this super cool little concert in a restaurant in Zurich and of course because of his magical voice!

It was so cool to be back at a small and intimate show. Of course, the big arena gigs have its perks, but I’ll always prefer a small show like this. The Bistrot chez Marion hosted Drew Cole this Wednesday. The singer with the long curly hair actually sold out this place. He’s been on tour with the Swiss combo Zibbz – it looks like already built up a small fanbase 🙂

Some rock tunes, lots of guitar and a pinch of soul

Drew , of course, performed some of his original songs, but he also brought some great covers. My highlight of course „I Don’t Want To Be“ by Gavin DeGraw 🙂

But of course, we’d also be lucky enough to hear his version of Marcy Playgrounds „Sex and Candy“. That was the song that made Adam Levine and Blake Shelton turn their chairs around at Drew’s blind audition for The Voice. His original songs have that slight rock-vibe but a very interesting soul-twist, thanks to his incredible voice of course. Go get his recent EP „Skin Deep Dreams (Live at the Willow Grove)“ and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It wasn’t just him singing though, for a couple songs Stee and Coco of Zibbz went up on the small stage and supported their buddy Drew.

The venue: Bistrot Chez Marion

I’ve known this place for a while, but I only just found out that they actually play music there too. Bistrot chez Marion hosts musicians under the name „MERCREDI MUSIQUE“. Keep your eyes and ears open, I’m sure we’ll be able to see more great musicians at this place, local and international artists! Oh, and get this, you can’t only go there for great music, they will feed you amazing food too. The prices for the shows might seem a bit high at a first glance. BUT! Apart from feeding the „starving artist“ – you’re feeding yourself too 🙂 You’re actually getting food/drink vouchers. So in the end you’re really just paying 10.- for the concert. This is how it works

Seat at the Restaurant + concert:
CHF 60.–  in which a CHF 50.– food and drinks voucher is included

Platz an der Bar + Konzert:
CHF 30.– in which a CHF 20.– food and drinks voucher is included

So, bring your friends, make a comfy and cool dinner out of it, enjoy delicious food (the galettes are amazing btw) and great music, what else do you need?

Concert Pictures: Drew Cole @ Bistrot Chez Marion – Mercredi Musique