Unplugged Session by Starticket & 20 Minuten Vol. 3

Last Thursday it was time for Startickets next Unplugged Session. For the third time a bunch of industry people, a few journalists and music lovers were invited to see Baba Shrimps and Crimer – 2 already well known and successful Swiss artists. A little over 100 people were crammed into the Starticket offices and enjoyed a few great tunes.

It was great to see a few familiar faces. Before the music started, we got to sip drinks and munch on some snacks while exchanging the newest music or concert experiences. Even people that weren’t able to come, could still see the concerts as 20 Minuten once again provided a livestream (which btw isn’t the same thing as a live-ticker, right Crimer ;-)).

At this point I’d like to thank  Starticket for the invitation. It was once again a great evening and I really enjoyed the music!

Baba Shrimps warm up the crowd

Baba Shrimps the band from my hometown Zurich were the first ones up. This band btw was also one of the first acts we had the opportunity to interview when we started out (Here’s the Link to the interview: Baba Shrimps Interview). The trio didn’t just play their songs up on stage… As so often, people were to shy to stand up front, so there was a little room, just enough for the band to play an acoustic song right in front of the stage.


Back to the 80’s with Crimer

I have to admit, i wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Crimer. This was the first time seeing him for me. But you know what, I think he did great! I loved the 80s vibes, his dance moves were very entertaining and all in all, the one-man-crimer-show was really cool. I wasn’t the only one enjoying myself, the ambience was great, people were dancing and having fun – just the way it should be at a concert 🙂