Stars in Town: Wincent Weiss / Lo & Leduc / Adel Tawil

Friday was all about german speaking artists. The first one up was Wincent Weiss the german heartthrob followed by the swiss duo Lo & Leduc and then later on Adel Tawil. Luckily the weather went back to “normal”. It was sunny and warm when a mob of teenage girls stormed onto the Herrenacker square.

To start with, there won’t be any pictures of Adel Tawil. The somewhat ridiculous photo-rules that were brought to us by the management made it impossible to get decent pictures. The festival photographers had better conditions, so you can go check out their pictures on the Stars in Town Website.   

Wincent Weiss and his fireworks

With only 25 years, the german singer definitely brought the venue to fill up early like no other act this year. The girls were screaming even before the show started. The fans in the front rows are probably hoarse today. During the first couple songs Wincent Weiss already found his way down to the pit and gave out high fives and handshakes. It was an eventful set, either he made the girls scream louder when walking through the pit or there were huge balloons floating over the audience and of course, the big “fireworks” in the form of tons of confetti. 

Concert Pictures: Wincent Weiss at Stars in Town


Lo & Leduc – the Swiss sensation

Next up is the Swiss duo Lo & Leduc. With their hit 079 these two guys practically wrote Swiss music history. I have to say, their music or their show in general is not really my cu of tea, but I can see why many people like them and enjoy their music. The audience were soaking it all in and were having a blast. They danced, sang along and laughed a lot. These guys do know how to entertain and how to make an audience participate and obviously how to write a hit song. There’s one part of the show that keeps impressing me, at some point Lo asks the audience to name some random words and then comes up with a freestyle rap with all those words. Of course the closer was going to be their hit single 079, that made the Herrenacker pretty much erupt. The ambience was amazing and people were beyond excited!

Stars in Town – another great year is coming to an end

Friday unfortunately was our last day at Stars in Town in Schaffhausen this year. Saturday however is the big finale, with James Blunt as a headliner. It was a great experience being at this festival and taking pictures, I’m looking forward to next year!

Concert Pictures: Lo & Leduc at Stars in Town