Stars in Town: Joss Stone / Anastacia / KT Tunstall

On day 3 the focus was all on powerful women. A nice change after having an evening with great guys on stage. The line up was as following: KT Tunstall, Anastacia and Joss Stone. As I am rather picky with female voices, I was super excited to have 2 of my favorite female artists at Stars in Town. So needless to say I was looking forward to this night!

Unfortunately I had to skip KT Tunstall, since work was blowing up and I wasn’t able to make it to Schaffhausen on time. At least that way I didn’t have to deal with the downpour they had there before and during her set.

Anastacia rocking Stars in Town

I would have loved to take pictures of Anastacia again (I did a while ago at her show at Volkshaus), but unfortunately she (or maybe her management) only allowed a handful of photographers to be in the pit, I wasn’t one of them…

The US singer played a great set. She fed us tons of her big hites like Left Outside Alone, Sick and Tired, Cowboys and Kisses or Paid my Dues – the fans loved it, sang along and dance, now that they actually were able to, without getting soaking wet. After a couple of songs Anastacia disappeared, which gave her band and her dancers the chance to shine. A few minutes later, she was back with a new outfit. Still sexy af of course 🙂 The closer of the show was her uber-hit Outta Love – the crowd really got into this song!

Joss Stone is spreading love and happiness on the Herrenacker

Last but definitely not least, it was Joss Stone’s turn, she’s one of the few female singers I actually really enjoy! And just like expected, Joss came on stage with yet another beautiful white dress and barefoot. I’ve seen Joss live a couple of times, but every single time I’m surprised by how genuinely happy she looks when she gets on stage. Her aura is absolutely radiating, she has the most contagious smile and she honestly has a stage presence like a 10piece band, I love seeing her perform! The singer keeps going left and right, she interacts with the fans, it’s great to see how she really makes everyone feel welcome. This is what we all love about her. I was super happy to see that my favorite song Super Duper Love is still on the setlist. Hearing this song was already worth the drive up to Schaffhausen.

What was a bit odd to me, during her set, it seemed like there were even less people than for Anastacia. I’m not sure if I should be disappointed about it or happy that I had more room to dance? Joss really is a unique artist and I personally think she totally deserved to have a fullhouse. Also a lot of people left the venue quite early, maybe it was because the temperatures dropped or maybe many just didn’t really know Joss yet.  I don’t know, but I thought it was a shame. The only good thing was that I really did have more space to dance and enjoy myself 🙂

As usual Joss handed out pretty sunflowers at the end of her set. I still think it’s a very nice thing to do and I know that most fans really appreciate it too. I guess Joss will always be a little hippie girl in her heart – flowerpower is life!

Concert Pictures: Joss Stone at Stars in Town