SEAT Music Session 2017

As always around this time of the year, the SEAT Music Session totally blew me away again. Not just the show is impressive though, we also had the chance to sit in during the soundcheck, which is super exciting. But what exactly does it take to get me excited?

A really great, musical and exciting evening needs to:

  • Let me go home with a big smile on my face
  • Put music in my head that stays stuck in there for days
  • Bring out great conversations with awesome friends
  • Get me up from my chair to dance the night away
  • Make me want more music
  • Have great musicians and a show that makes me want to get out of my shell

Let me tell you, I got to check off all these points last week at the SEAT Music Session at Xtra in Zurich.

Soundcheck Time

We had the honor to be invited to sit in during the soundcheck. Yet again it was super fascinating to be there and see the musicians do their thing. This way we also were able to already get a sneak peek at the acts of this year’s show. Since the show in Zurich is one of the first ones, you could tell there are still some things the band had to work on or rearrange. Seeing them adapt and realize the changes later in the show is great!

It’s Showtime

As all the years before, Phil Dankner opened up the show. Thanks to his talent and his great choices in artists, we knew that we were in for a treat tonight. And yes, he did it again, the acts he chose for this year’s show were awesome and he did great at presenting them and the band during the 360° concert experience. We had great seats, right behind the acts and were able to enjoy the show with a great view. Once more national and International acts as well as an amazing band made us forget all our sorrows for a few hours. Goosebumps and chills were to be expected.

Line Up of the SEAT Music Session 2017

Roger Blevins Jr.
The singer-songwriter out of Austin, Texas may still be a little secret over here… But his raspy and soulful, low voice has already hit a few stages in the US. Not only solo but especially with his band Mingo Fishtrap  – go check them out too, you won’t be sorry.

Stephanie Sounds
Her impressive vocals totalls surprised us… At the age of 19, the UK singer embarked on her first tour together with Natasha Bedingfield. This fall, her debut album “Hope” will be released, a great mix of soul, folk and rock – make sure to check it out!

This 27 year old Swiss newcomer enchanted us with her warm and almost melancholic voice. Her debut album was released last year and has since made its way through the Swiss music scene. The audience was impressed with her voice and her songs.

Back in 2014 Teesy was awarded the „newcomer of the year“ by iTunes and was then invited to record an exclusive iTunes Sesssion – as the first German artist ever. Let me tell you, he totally convinced me too. He sang like a pro and spread his charm all around the audience.

Jennie Lena
We’re still speechless! Her voice was incredible. She didn’t only convince The Voice Jury in Amsterdam, but also all of the people in Zurich. From the very first second on, people were totally blown away by her powerful voice. Her presence and the mix of pop soul and blues that you could hear in her voice definitely made her unforgettable.

2018 will be the 10th anniversary…

… and Phil Dankner already revealed a couple of acts that will be in the show. For now it’s only 4 acts, but I’m sure there will be more. In the meantime, we can get excited about the following:

Alain Clark
Avery Sunshine
Nina Attal
Marc Broussard

For those of you who have been following us for a while, you know that Shirley is a big fan of Marc Broussards amazing voice. So you know, she’s excited and you should be too. We are all looking forward to some great bayou soul. If you want to know more about Marc, go check out a post we did a while ago: Marc Broussard – Bayou Soul.

Highlight of the evening

You know what, there wasn’t just one. For me everything together was one big highlight! The SEAT Music Session sure is an absolutely unique show that will never be forgotten. We will for sure come back next year. Most of the shows are sold out rather quickly, so make sure to get tickets early. If you’re in or around Thun, you’re in luck. There are still a handful of tickets left for that show, check out Ticketcorner for tickets. Do it, go for it – it’ll totally be worth it!

Concert Pictures: SEAT Music Session 2017 at XTra, Zurich