Stu Larsen – The Man With No Fixed Address…

Today we would like to present to you: Stu Larsen. An amazing Australian singer/songwriter,  who just recently brought out his new album “Resolute”. At the moment he’s still touring through the US, but will soon be back in Europe.

So, the big question, how should I describe Stu’s music. The question that I always ask myself when writing about an artist that some of you might have not known yet… This is super hard for me, as I don’t really care what genre the artists music is, it’s more important to me to get that special feeling when listening to the music…

So yeah, even though I really like Stu Larsen’s music, it’s really hard for me to describe his sound. Generally I think you can put him into the folk genre, but then again, there are different folk styles, right? Like many of my favorite artists, Stu has mostly calm songs. Slow picking and strumming of the guitar and beautiful melodies that showcase Stu’s soft and gentle voice. His newest song “Chicago Song” just came out a while ago, I personally like the rhythm of the song, as it reminds me a lot of some of my favorite country music artists. But hear for yourself:


Some of you may already know Stu. During the past few years he has been on the road with Passenger. They met about 8yrs ago in Sydney and have been best buddies ever since. Even though they and their music fit together really nicely, Stu has no reason to hide behind the big name of Passenger. Therefore he decided to head out into the world on his own.

The Man With No Fixed Address

This expression really fits Stu well. A few years ago he felt it was time to dedicate his life to music and traveling. He’s been on the road ever since and has visited many countries around the world. His debut album that came out 2014 is titled “Vagabond” – how fitting.

Like many other musicians, he sings about love, his life and the people he meets on the way. But there’s something in his music that just captivates me. I can’t really pinpoint what it is, but every time I hear one of his songs, I somehow feel free and feel like I should book my next flight to some exotic destination. It seems like his music really does transport his nomad-vibe to his listeners. Or at least it does for me 🙂

Stu Larsen at Papiersaal, Zürich

Good news for you guys! You can check Stu Larsen out yourself. Luckily there’s a European Tour planned and in order to promote his newest Album „Resolute“  he’ll also make a quick stop in Zurich! Here are all infos on his Swiss Show:

Date: 24. October 2017
Venue: Papiersaal, Zürich
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Ticketsvia Starticket starting at CHF 32.-

Make sure to check out his music before the show though. It’ll be worth it! Check out the following link to find all the different ways of getting to Stu’s album “Resolute”

Stu Larsen: Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc.

Oh, and one more thing… Do yourselves a favor and follow Stu on Instagram. I personally love his feed, especially because it seems like he’s really not focused on getting good shots of himself. But he does show us another talent of his. He certainly has an eye for great shots. Love it!