Swiss Music Awards 2017 #SMA17

It’s that time of the year again. On Friday the 10th edition of the Swiss Music Awards happened. The best national and a few of the international artists found their way to the Hallenstadion in Zurich. We were able to be there again for the second time and got to chat with some of the celebs walking down the red carpet.

We’ve cut together a few of the highlights of the red carpet. Some of the guests of the Swiss Music Awards 2017 left you guys messages. Find out who thought we were an erotica website 😀 For those of you who follow us on Instagram or Snapchat, might have already seen a few snaps. Here you go:

The Big Winners of the Evening

This came as a bit of a surprise for us, but it was definitely Schluneggers Heimweh (Best Group & Best Breaking Act) and Trauffer (Best Male solo Act & Best Album). Both were nominated in 2 categories and won both of them too. Not bad, not bad.

Beatrice Egli’s Terrifying Moment

When Beatrice Egli got up to receive her award, she tripped and almost fell (tripping and falling over on live tv – everyones nightmare). But luckily she was able to balance it out. Obviously happy and excited she then got the award handed over to her. What I wanted to say at this point, the glasses looked incredible! Dear Beatrice, keep wearing glasses, you look great!

25 Years of Swiss Music History

DJ Bobo was handed the „ Outstanding Achievement Award“. Many years ago he got to perform at the Hallenstadion for the first time. After so many years as a singer, dancer, composer and producer he will now be on the Hallenstadion stage for the 19th time. He’ll be bringing his entertaining live show back to Zurich.

The SMA 2017 Showacts

I was super excited to hear that Alvaro Soler was one of the showacts. He performed „Sofia“ & „Animal”. He by the way also took an award home. He was the winner of the category „Best Breaking Act International“. While talking to him on the red carpet, he told us, if he didn’t win, he’d want Twenty One Pilots to win. Apart from him and international acts James Blunt and Mark Forster, a few Swiss acts got to perform as well. Damian Lynn, Lo & Leduc, Pegasus and Züri West took the stage. The grande finale was then of course the performance of Hecht and Dabu Fantastic – when performing the winner song of the category “Best Hit”: Angelina!

Here are a few pictures of the show: 

Image source: Swiss Music Award


Here are all the winners of the Swiss Music Awards 2017:

Best Female Solo Act
Beatrice Egli

Best Male Solo Act

Best Group
Schluneggers Heimweh

Best Breaking Act
Schluneggers Heimweh

Best Talent

Best Act Romandie
Mark Kelly

Best Live Act

Best Album
Trauffer – Heiterefahne

Artist Award

Outstanding Achievement Award

Tribute Award
Mani Matter

Best Hit
Dabu Fantastic – Angelina
Songwriter: Andreas „DJ Arts” Christen, Dabu Bucher, Gianluca Giger

Best Hit International
Alan Walker – Faded

Best Album International
Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

Best Act International

Best Breaking Act International
Alvaro Soler 


Get ready for the 11th Swiss Music Awards

Mark your calendars. On February 9th 2018, the 11th edition of the Swiss Music Awards will be happening. Be there or be square.

Here are our pictures of this years SMA Red Carpet: