Energy Star Night 2016

Energy Stars for Free got a new name: Energy Star night! On November 25th the 14th edition of this event happened. Together with 13’000 other fans, we made our way to Hallenstadion and were very excited to see what was waiting for us. What other changes were made. The line-up definitely sounded promising.  

Let me tell you, Radio Energy keeps its promises and doesn’t kid around. It was an amazing night and we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next year!

The first highlight of the show: Mannequin Challenge

The opener of the night was german newcomer Wincent Weiss. The new stage is definitely bigger and looks even cooler than before. The audience was exstatic from the very beginning on. Once swiss singer Nickless got on stage, he made everyone freeze. In a good way! The biggest mannequin challenge has been born 🙂 Can you imagine seeing 13’000 people not move, it looked absolutely stunning! Take a look:


Shortly after, it was Mike Perry’s turn. It got hot and sweaty on the dancefloor. People were partying hard. Next up were the amazing female artist LP and later on MoTrip, german artist with libanese roots. He totally got me with a more melancholic sound and the „So wie du bist“.

And then there was a Girlpower!

People say they’re the new Spice Girls, and man, they do have the girl power! The girlgroup Litte Mix aus England didn’t just walk out on stage. They were elevated right up to stage, from underground. With their catchy songs, sexy moves and stunning outfits they got everytone (not just the guys) to party with them.

More surprises

The dance-duo Remady & Manu-L definitely showed me why everyone loves them. As soon as they hit the stage, the audience went crazy.They know how to entertain a big crowd. At one point they made everyone move from one side to the other. I mean, I’ve seen a lot at this venue, but this was great!

Energy Music Award

This year, for the first time, Energy gave away the „Energy Music Award to one of our Swiss artists. The nominees this year were: Baschi, Bligg, Bastian Baker, Manillio, Dabu Fantastic, Remady & Manu-L, Nickless und Stefanie Heinzmann. In my opinion the entire “ceremony” was a bit unspectacular – compared to the rest of the show. But I’m sure Manilio, who won the award, was still enjoying his victory. His song “Monbijou” was one of the big summerhits of 2016.

Everything has to come to an end at some point

It almost seemed like they kept the best for last… Scottish singer Amy MacDonald, Olly Murs and Felix Jaehn rocked the stage, before Martin Garrix closed the show with lots of fireworks and a cool pyro show. Even the VIP’s and people on the seats were now up and dancing.

We do have one question… A question we do ask ourselves every year. How in the world will Energy be able to top this show next year? Well, let’s wait and see. Let’s just leave you with this: Energy never disappoints…

Here are all the higlights in one 360° video: