SEAT Music Session 2016


SEAT Music Session… Five international and national artists, performing separately and together, on a 360° stage. It sounds very promising when you hear about it, but you can’t really imagine the level of ‘cool’ of the entire thing until you become a part of it!

And that’s what it truly feels like: being a part of an amazing show, up close and personal. Yep, I was one of the lucky ones in Zurich, together with Shirley!

Soundcheck time!

SEAT was kind enough to hook us up for soundcheck, so we could experience the magic first hand before everyone else. What a treat! We could already tell that these artists were ready to create some unforgettable moments together: smooth interactions, a relaxed atmosphere and voices that were very different, but somehow fit together perfectly. Considering this was only their second session together, it became obvious they had been chosen well.

Mr. Dankner

The person in charge of that choice is the vivacious and charming Phil Dankner, who’s a talented musician himself; one with excellent taste, might I add.
Phil presents the event with style, wit and a sense of humor (and is also very well dresssed!). The surprise of the evening, to us, was when he sat down at the piano and started singing Gavin DeGraw’s “Making Love With The Radio On”. Oooh yes! Gavin is one of our favorite artists, so it was such a thrill to suddenly hear one of his songs. The piano’s basically been Phil’s best friend since he was 4 and that shows!
Speaking of shows…


Phil told us everything we needed to know about the performing artists. We met Johannes Oerding (Germany), Levin (Switzerland), Damien Wicks (Australia), Leona Philippo (the Netherlands) and Nina Attal (France). They had prepared several songs together, and also hit the stage one by one so we could hear some of their own stuff. I must admit I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to non-English music. But I soon noticed that all of them had an enthusiasm that was quite contagious and I was hooked to their music in no time! The most surprising one to me, was Johannes Oerding. Yep, I really liked the German guy! And here I was, thinking German music wasn’t ‘my thing’. I couldn’t be more wrong.

The SEAT Music Session Artists – Johannes Oerding, Levin & Damien Wicks

Johannes Oerding can be described as charismatic, pure, and driven. He’s got this playful energy that sweeps you away, but doesn’t lack depth either… I particularly liked the song “Alles Brennt”. This is obviously someone who’s very passionate about his work and knows how to show it!

Levin‘s repertoire shows strength and emotion. “If A Song” really spoke to me! It’s not surprising that this cool Swiss guy was awarded the SRF3 Best Talent for his wonderful album “All In”. I’m sure many young (and not so young) ladies can appreciate that boyish charm and can’t get those catchy songs out of their heads…! Charming.

Damien Wicks was the one who nearly moved everyone to tears… The warmhearted Australian told the audience a very captivating story about his baby boy who was born prematurely a little while ago, which had caused a rollercoaster of emotions for the new dad. He dedicated the gem “Finally Feeling Again” to his son, touching his artist colleagues and everyone in the audience. What a delightful, strong performance! Impossible not to love this sweet guy with the rich, powerful voice.

The SEAT Music Session Artists – Leona Philippo and Nina Attal

Leona Philippo can best be described as a ray of sunlight… Bright and full of energy! Her radiant smile and warm, pleasant voice are a real treat. This is a woman with an incredible stage presence, who instantly wins people over. She seems to breathe positivity and enjoys every second of every song! It makes perfect sense to me that she won the Voice of Holland, but she’s so much more than that. She told the story behind her song “Waterfall”: it’s basically a lullaby for her son, of whom she spoke with a lot of affection… Wonderful!

Nina Attal may appear frail at first, but most certainly isn’t… This girl rocks! Her mesmerizing guitar play blew everyone away. The face of an angel and such a soulful voice: killer combination. You could tell that Nina loved being on stage, and lives for her music. She knows what she’s doing and has fun doing it! If you like the French language, Nina’s your girl. She makes French sound even cooler and the stage is obviously where she belongs!

An Evening with many highlights

The artists weren’t the only ones who impressed the audience. The live band is amazing, too. A bunch of happy, talented people who help turn every song into a little masterpiece. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you hear and see them play. A big thumbs up.

Highlight of the evening? Everyone singing Johannes Oerding’s song “Immer Wieder” together: in Swiss German, English, Dutch, French and German! What a joy to hear so many different languages in one song. The polyglot in me had a blast!
The audience was very receptive in general, they went wild for the artists and the show. Best atmosphere ever; it’s hard to describe, even!

So. Bottom line… If you ever get a chance to attend one of these sessions, don’t hesitate! Go! Enjoy! It’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more.
Until next year!