Swiss Music Awards 2016 #SMA16


It was a highlight for the both of us. We got the chance to attend the Swiss Music Awards for the first time. Here you’ll find out who the winners were.

The biggest music award show of Switzerland just happened for the 9th time. Of course this awards show cannot be compared to the Grammy’s or another US-Glamourevent. Nevertheless, we definitely could feel a little bit of glamour and saw a couple celebrities. There was a red carpet and everything. So pretty much like the big events in the US, just toned down to a more swissy-size. At this point, thanks to the SMA’s for letting us be part of this event.

Red Carpet Stories at the Swiss Music Awards

Together with many other media representatives from all over Switzerland, we got to stand at the red carpet. And what an experience that was. In between many questions about music, valentine’s day or the event, some of the artists took some time to record a quick message for you guys (if you follow us on snapchat or twitter, you probably saw some of them already). If you missed it, no worries, here’s our entire snapchat story, just for you:

The big winners

Patent Ochsner, the swiss band (who sing in swiss german – for you English speaking people that must sound really funny) were the big winners of the evening. They took home 3 awards in the following categories: „Best Group“, „Best Album“ and „Best Live Act“
Lausanne native Bastian Baker went home with two awards for „Best Male Solo Act“ and „Best Act Romandie“. Stefanie Heinzmann, was proud to get the award in the category „Best Female Solo Act“.

There are always surprises

I was super happy to see the two newcomer Nickless and Damian Lynn bring home an award each. Nickless got the award for “Best Hit“ while Damian went home with the award for „Best Talent“. I was able to see both of them live last year and I must say, kudos to both of them, they’re great. If you have the chance to go to a show, please do so, you won’t regret it.

This years showacts

Sophie Hunger, who also took home the award for „Best Artist“, as a tribute to David Bowie, sang Bowie’s hit “Heroes”. Other highlights were the performance of british newcomer sensation Dua Lipa, german rapper Sido with Adesse as well as DJ Robin Schulz and swiss reggae musician Dodo. Seven, whom we’ve had the pleasure to interview a few years ago, closed the show with his newest song “Cool Guy”. 

Next years big anniversary…

Yep, next year is going to be big! The Swiss Music Awards will celebrate their 10th anniversary. On February 10th 2017, the 2017 Swiss Music Awards will once again take place at Hallenstadion in Zurich.
If you want to be part of the award show – YOU CAN. Via Ticketcorner, a couple tickets are always being sold to the public. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more info. Tickets should go on sale in the fall of 2016. Let’s celebrate the big “birthday” together, next year.

Here are a couple of shots from the red carpet at the SMA’s: