Show Review: Art on Ice @ Hallenstadion, Zurich 06.02.2016

Jessie_J_Art_on_Ice_2 Kopie

There’s a first time for everything – for us, Art on Ice in Zurich was a first. On Saturday both uf us were able to sit in the audience for the first time. Wow, what a grand show!

Whenever I’m at Hallenstadion, I usually go to actual concerts and find myself in the midst of thousands of people. Standing area of course. This time was different, we had great seats and the best view of the entire “field”. A big thank you to Art on Ice for making this possible.

Art on Ice is sports and music in one

This year, the theme of the show is “What Color is Your Rainbow”, and colorful it was. The artists and musicians totally kidnapped us and brought us into a whole different world.
The opening part was super colorful and of course musical. James Gruntz, the swiss singer, accompanied Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaurme Cizeron, two figure skaters from France aswell as Javier Fernandez from Spain, with his emotional songs.
One of the big highlights was definitely the performance of the legendary The Jacksons. They opened up their show with “Can You Feel It” and delivered one hit after the other. I was soooo looking forward to this performance but was a little disappointed that the swiss audience somehow didn’t really get into the groove. I would have loved to get up and dance my butt off, but I would have been the only one. In order to not upset the people behind us, I glued my butt to the seat and still tried to enjoy the music and of course the phenomenal art that Evgeni Plushenko brought to the ice. Everytime the Olympic- / World- and European Champion was out there, it just looked so easy. Obviously it isn’t and I would probably break every bone trying to do those things on the ice. His Lutz Jump literally takes away your breath.
After a 20minute break, Karyna & Suren opend up the second half with an incredible and acrobatic show involving only a rope. .. Very impressive though
The second and last musical highlight was the british singer Jessie J. After almost 2 hours sitting on our behinds, Jessie actually got everyone to stand up and dance. Finally! 🙂 But the thing that really gave me goosebumps was not the music to be honest. At times, when there was no music at all, it was quiet, you could literally only hear the ice skaters blades on the ice.

Every show has to come to an end

I have to admit, I really did not expect such an awesome show. I went there with no expectation at all, but I can now say, especially the figure skaters have totally left me in awe and had me super impressed. At the very end, all the artists and musicians came back out on the ice and performed or skated to an old Michael Jackson song. Now that was another highlight, a lot of people stood there with their mouths open.

But hey, the show does go on

If you weren’t able to go to one of the Zurich shows, you’ve still got a couple more chances. After Zurich the show is heading out to Lausanne and Davos:

Dates: 09.02. – 10.02.16
Location: Patinoire de Malley, Lausanne
Tickets: Art on Ice Tickets / Ticketcorner

Dates: 12.02. – 13.02.16
Location: Eisstadion, Davos
Tickets: Art on Ice Tickets / Ticketcorner