Balcony TV – Behind the Scenes


A little late, but hey, better late than never. In November we were able to take a peek behind the scenes of Balcony TV Zurich and witness how the cool videos were shot.

Remember when we told you about Balcony TV a while ago? Now being able to actually see how everything works and how the videos are being produced – that was just super cool.

Everyone helps out – Preperation is everything

Once we got there, we saw that everone started setting up. The terrace of the MFO Building in Zurich-Oerlikon got a little white tent since the weather forecast was saying there should be rain and even some snow. The cute little lights which we put up on the tent sould give the whole thing a christmassy touch. There were tons of cables, lights and a couple microphones. Everything was set up pretty fast, since everyone was helping.

Postcards and Prosecco

After everything was set up, we were lucky enough to get some snacks in form of delicious cake and prosecco (of course there was some non-alcoholic stuff too :)) We then found out there was reason to celebrate… Balcony TV has postcards printed regularly and every time there’s another location on the cards. This month it was Zurich.


The Balcony TV artists

Not one but several different artists have made their way to Balcony TV Zurich today. The first artist of the day was the US-Swiss Singer Shana Pearson. She brought along her guitarist and performed her new song „Stronger“. Check it out:


Just like total pros, they stood out in the cold rain (that turned into snow a while later) and rocked the balcony. You might not really see it in the video, but it was freeeeeezing. Hope they recovered from this somewhat different performance 🙂

Apart from Shana, Timothy Jaromir together with Rykka performed on „our“ balcony. The dutch singer Dana Lewu was the last artist of the day. Both videos are online already, go check them out too:

Timothy Jaromir feat. Rykka
Dana Lewu

The videos of the other artists are going up soon. Don’t forget to check back every now and then to see them as well.

Behind the Scenes at Balcony TV

As promised, we’ve taken a couple of shots while we were there. While everyone was focused on the perfect take and sound, I tried to get some nice shots that show what actually goes on there. Not sure if I managed, but see for yourself 🙂

In case „behind the scenes“ is just your thing, make sure you go like the Balcony TV Zurich Facebook page (this way -> Balcony TV Zürich. You’ll see some awesome „making of“ videos there.

So, once again a big thank you to the entire Balcony TV Zurich crew, it was a great pleasure to have been on your balcony and see firsthand how you create magic.

Moritz, Tanya, Katia & Christoph – you guys are great and are doing one hell of a job. We’re looking forward to many more awesome videos 🙂