Comeback Caught in The Act


Hello everybody! Did you survive the christmas parties, and are you all ready to start the new year?

I am really looking forward for the new year, then we are going to have massive concerts with amazing bands and musicians. We will also have a band that are having their come back after 17 years away from the stages:

Boyband Caught In The Act.

I was also infected by the boygroup fever, back then in the 90’s, and I am pretty sure, most of you were as well. One of those boybands were the four sunnyboys from England and Holland. I still can remember their performance at the beloved german soap GZSZ. Today, there’s a new version of „Love is Everywhere“ and the minute I heard it, I had a flashback to my teenage years.

Belly tops…

Back then, we could see them singing their deep textes, and dancing their Dance moves, wearing tight belly tops and showing us their well built bodies. I still can’t believe, that back then, guys with belly tops were sexy. You are also shaking your head, right? Or you can’t remember it anymore? Please, have a look at the original video again:

New Years Eve with CITA

But there’s only three of them now. The brit Benjamin Boyce is not joining them on this adventure, and he is going his own way now.
Eloy de Jong, Bastiaan Ragas and Lee Baxter have chosen a big stage to celebrate their reunion. They will be performing at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin the remastered version of their hit „Love is Everywhere“ on Dezember 31st.
CITA fans can be looking forward for the early 2016: they planed a concert tour.

It’s still a mistery, if after all these years, they are going to conquer the top of the chart lists. I have to admit, that I feel like flashed back to my teenage years when I listen to them, and I really like the idea of seeing them live. What about you?