Paleo Festival & Stars in Town

Paleo Festival

Hello lovelies, I’m back!

As you might have seen on Twitter, we recently visited the Paleo Festival. What an experience! Pretty sure we’ll go back again next year. At this point a big thumbs up the the organinzers. We were allowed to bring water with us, even chairs and umbrellas – which is pretty rare these days. This was the case every single day, not just the day we were there, in 35° heat. That should be allowed at all the concerts if you ask me.

The laid back atmosphere in Nyon was pretty special too. I love events like these. The music, the general mood and all those different food stands with all the delicous meals. I guess that’s what makes the difference. That’s what got the festival to keep it up for 40 years and keep it successful. Happy birthday dear Paleo Festival – keep doing what you’re doing!

Here are a couple pictures of The Scripts’ gig:


The next festival is just around the corner for us. Btw, have I mentioned how much I love festivals 😉

On August 8th we’ll be heading to Schaffhausen to go to Stars in Town. This openair will take place on the homey Herrenacker. In between all those traditional houses and full balconies and roof tops.

Every day from August 5th to 8th there’ll be 3 shows per night. National and international acts will be performing, so I’m sure there must be a band/act for everyone (hopefully). We’re definitely going to have fun when we’re there that saturday. Any of our follower going tob e there too? If you want to know the entire lineup, here you go.

There are still tickets available for Friday and Sunday, go get them through Starticket or Ticketcorner before they sell out too.

After that, our openair season is unfortunately coming to an end. We’ll move from openair festivals to closed arenas. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this fall. But for now, we’ll keep enjoying the summer…