Concert Review: Justin Timberlake at Hallenstadion, Zurich April 14 & 16 2014

 Justin Timberlake_Title

Yes, the day has finally come! The 20/20 Experience has landed in Zurich. Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids were performing on Hallenstadion’s stage on Monday AND Wednesday! I was lucky enough to be at both shows and was able to experience the show from 2 different angles.

Rather early, the show started at 8.30pm already! JT appears on stage all by himself at first. “Pusher Love Girl” was the opening song and got everyone extremely hyped and excited for what was yet to come. The Tennessee Kids, a bunch of brilliant singers, musicians and dancers rise up to the main stage pretty soon after JT takes the stage. Throughout the show the band always gets pushed into the spotlight and they can show off their talent. This is definitely not a One-Man-Show!

The setlist was enourmous and of course spiced up with all his big hits and some great covers. One of the big hits “Rock Your Body” was one of the first songs to be played – to the delight of all the fans of course 🙂 There was lots of dancing and people were really enjoying themselves! Every now and then there were some “I Love You Justin” screams in the air… As you can see on the pictures and in the videos, there were 2 (actually 3 if you add the b-stage) parts to the stage. The main part with a ramp on each side going up to a smaller stage and the long and moveable stage that will bring JT back to the b-stage in the back of the venue. From an organizational perspective probably a nightmare, but for the audience definitely a really great experience and something most people haven’t seen yet. The moveable stage was almost as broad as the entire venue, so even the people in the upper tiers would have a great view.  Check out the video and see how Mister Timberlake was transported to the b-stage…

The fact that JT is a very gifted dancer could definitely not be missed. But he isn’t just a talented dancer, a couple of times he brought up his guitar and sat at a piano and showed everyone he could also play instruments. It was one hell of a show. Organized and planned to the very last detail and rehearsed for months, I’m sure! Every step, every move – perfection. Something critics might see as a negative point, the show could be “too perfect” or “too smooth”… Whatever, I think it was amazing!

My personal highlight was “Cry Me A River” . The song wasn’t played as you would know it from the album. It was a very rock-ish version with some elements of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”  or Jaz Z’s “Tom Ford” , some great guitar action and a lot of singing along. The mentioned covers were great as well. A little Elvis, a bit Michael Jackson and some Kool & The Gang…

Also, this was an exceptionally long concert. JT was on stage for over 2 hours with 30+ songs! The two big hits were kept to the end to blow everyone away and hopefully up on their feet. “Sexy Back” and “Mirrors” were the two last songs…

The first show I was down in the standing area and was able to dance during the entire show, on Wednesday I got some brilliant seats close to the stage! A couple sitting behind us were unfortunately not quite as dancy as we were and sat through half the show. After trying to get them up (by standing up ourselves) we were pretty fast asked to sit back down because of course the lady wasn’t able to see anything now. Oh well, even the most boring or stiff people were eventually in the groove and got up to dance 😉

All in all, a very cool concert. A show that will definitely not be forgotten any time soon!