My Personal Winter Playlist

Winter Playlist

Well, it’s here – Winter has reached beautiful Switzerland. It’s getting dark earlier and it rains almost every weekend. If I could choose, I would sleep all winter like the bears do 😉 I’m sure everyone would rather stay at home all day, lying on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket, enjoying a hot chocolate or cuddling with your special someone in front of the chimney. I’ll try to make your winter shorter and more bearable by showing you my very own winter playlist.


James Arthur – Impossible
Once you get home exhausted  just close your eyes and let yourself go…


Alejandro Sanz – mi primera canción
A Spanish girl like me listens quite often to Spanish music with a beautiful sound of a guitar. This is an amazing song, which will never be missed on my playlist.


Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock – A Litte Party Never Killed Nobody 
Perfect song to listen to while doing the housework.


Bruno Mars – Treasure
Perfect for rainy days: sing it out loud while driving your car with a good friend, and not noticing that everyone is starring at you


Passenger  – Let her go
Best cuddle-song ever. Just amazing!


Pitbull feat. Kesha – Timber
An hour on a cross trainer is more bearable listening to this song


And of course, least but not last, what always will be present on my playlist is (I guess no surprise for those
that know me well) “Hall of Fame” by The Script.

How does your playlist look like? Do we have some common song or is it completely different? Can’t wait to read your comments!