Concert Review: Olly Murs at Volkshaus, Zurich

Olly Murs Zurich W_02

Olly Murs, a big name especially in the UK. Ever since he stood on stage at Letzigrund Stadium supporting Robbie Williams, I’m sure that his name rings a bell for many people around here. On Tuesday October 8th approx. 1500 people including Moni and I were able to see him perfom once more, but this time as a headliner!

More or less on time Olly Murs walked up on stage. As usual nicely dressed, nice fedora on his head, the typically to tight pants (but hey, we’re not complaining) the chic veste over the black shirt. Yep, he’s looking very handsome tonight. The mostly female teenagers in the front rows are already screaming and yelling…
I was lucky enough to have seen Mr Murs at an intimate showcase in the Studios of SRF a while back, so I pretty much knew exactly what to expect… And my expecations were very high…

…. and were totally met if not even exceeded. Fit as a fiddle Olly was jumping around, singing and performing like a pro. The interaction with the crowd was great – the already mentioned teenagers were more than satisfied (so were we btw). But also Olly was handed or maybe more thrown gifts, lots of chocolate and little stuffed animals. The band was doing a great job as well, I’ve always been a fan oft the background singers – they seem to have so much energy and fun up on stage! Olly sang many of his songs off the new album, of course the two hit singles „Troublemaker“ or „Army of Two“ were on the list too. I was a little dissapointed that „Dance With Me Tonight“ was the second song…

Here’s a video of „Dear Darling“ and a clip of Olly jodeling with a little cow that fans have thrown up on stage 😀

Of course also the big hits off his previous album were sung. One oft he highlights was definitely when he sung his version of „Superstition“ – the song that helped him get through the X-Factor auditions a few years back. Then during „My Heart Skips A Beat“ the audience started to really enjoy themselves and started dancing.
The last tunes oft the encore (which was „Troublemaker“ ) have just faded away, the crowd was applauding like crazy. The little girls up front were happy, so were we, the bit older people up on the balcony. Once more Olly Murs showed us how to have a good time and that he is a top entertainer! I can assure you it was a great evening. Catchy pop songs with a couple of ballads mixed in and an Olly in a great mood. I will definitely go be going to another show of his whenever he comes back to Switzerland! Who’s going to join me?